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Astor Piazzolla, 100 ans – Roberto Sawicki – Michel Westphal – Orchestre de Lancy-Genève, Roberto Sawicki, Conductor


Astor Piazzolla, 100 ans:

Astor PIAZZOLLA: Tango Ballet: I. Tempo di Tango (Arr. by José Bragato) – II. La Calle (Arr. by José Bragato) – III. Encuentro-Olvido (Arr. by José Bragato) – IV. Cabaret (Arr. by José Bragato) – V. Soledad-Retorno a Calle (Arr. by José Bragato) – Contemplación y Danza (Live) – Alberto GINASTERA: String Quartet No. 1, Op. 20: I. Allegro violento ed agitato – Danzas Argentina, Op. 2: II. Danza de la Moza Donosa (Arr. by. Margarita Pollini) (Live) – Carlos GUASTAVINO: Romance en Colsatiné (Live) – Bernardo STALMAN: Compadrito Enamorado – Astor PIAZZOLLA: Motivos de Zamba y Malambo (Live) – Milonga des Angel (Arr. by José Bagnati) – La Muerte del Angel (Arr. by José Bagnati) – Melodía – Decarísimo (Arr. by José Bagnati) – Libertango (Arr. by José Bagnati) (Live) – Julián PLAZA: Nocturna (Arr. by Edgar Ferrer) (Live).

Roberto Sawicki, Violin – Michel Westphal, Clarinet – Orchestre de Lancy-Genève, Roberto Sawicki, Conductor.

The sheer variety of Astor Piazzolla’s music, its structure, surprising sonorities and rhythmic richess render his output an inexhaustible source of emotions. Part of the repertoire of the Orchestre de Lancy-Genève since its inception, the works of Piazzolla have been performed and recorded in many concerts, especially in 2021 to celebrate the centenary of his birth alongside the creations of his contemporaries.

This production reflects that, and is meant as a tribute to Piazzolla and his epoch.

Born in 1942 in Buenos Aires, violinist and conductor Roberto Sawicki studied music in his native city. Winner of several music competitions, he became a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, then of the National Symphony Orchestra. His first encounter with José Bragato, cellist, composer and faithful collaborator of Piazzolla, was in 1960, when they performed together in a string quintet at the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires. A few years later, in 1968, as part of the Cuarteto Contemporáneo with Enrique Belloc and Bernardo Stalman, he was extremely active in the field of contemporary music. As he says, «my contacts with brilliant co-students and colleagues in the hothouse of talents that was Buenos Aires and its bubbling source of creativity and inspiration played a decisive role in my education.»

Recruited as concertmaster by the Rheinisches Kammerorchester Köln in 1970, and a year later by the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande in Geneva, in 1975 Roberto Sawicki founded the Orchestre de Lancy-Genève, of which he is artistic and musical director. His programmation immediately highlighted Argentinian music, resulting in many first performances of works by Argentinian composers, some also involving dance. Originally written for small groups and varied formations, it is thanks to such brilliant arrangers as José Bragato, José Bagnati, Edgar Ferrer and many others that these works in the Argentinian vernacular attain a new dimension through a string ensemble.

For the label VDE-Gallo Roberto Sawicki has recorded two CDs for solo violin – works by Bach, Prokofiev, Bartók and Bernardo Stalman – and several CDs with the Orchestre de Lancy-Genève, including one for VDE Gallo dedicated to Ernest Bloch, which was awarded five «diapasons» by the magazine Diapason.

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