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Boat Movie – Roger Baudet

VDE DO-1669

Roger Baudet: Boat Movie

Générique Boat Movie – Glénan – Fragments 1 – Bateaux de pêche au port – Gâvres – Méduses – Le Croisic – Etangs de sel (Île de Ré) – Fragments 2 – Les Bateaux (Camaret) – Surf-Plage (Crozon) – La Mer en hiver – Archipel de Molène – Les oiseaux de 7 îles – Guernesey – Bréhat – Baie de Paimpol – Coquillages – Marée basse (Binic) – Saint-Briac – Fragments 3 – Calanques – Sorc’Henn.

Roger Baudet, Synthetizers, Computers.

« Boat Movie »

is firstly a journey driving us into apparently fictional and yet very real worlds.

The music has been written originally to illustrate short videos grouped into a playlist. Everyone has then to choose in what order he wants see them. The viewer has therefore to create his own journey.

The «Boat Movie» album is a compound of 23 themes, linked by a musical form drawing on a classical style as well as on sounds generated by various digital audio technologies.

Produced to illustrate video pictures, these musical pieces have promptly developed their own character. An alternative route is proposed, more intimate and personal. The composer has been inspired by his emotions felt along its real-life journey aboard a just as real sailboat.

The listener should now create his own pictures, his own feeling…

Roger Baudet is a movie and show music composer, as well as a video producer. He enjoys a classical education together with a wide experience of digital sound techniques. He has imposed his style illustrating, throughout a career spanning over 35 years, numerous productions ranging from dance and theatre to movie and radio.

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