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Dominique PHILLOT : Micro-Climats: I. Prélude – II. Comme une gigue – III. Lamento – IV. Final – Etudes: I. Bénarès (à Jorge Cardoso) – II. Verkohiansk – III. Habana – IV. Brasilia – V. Salamanca (à Pablo Phillot Molina) – D’un Monde à l’Autre (à Georges Phillot) – Variations Webern: I. Introduction – II. Horizontal – III. Vertical – Carillon Provençal (à Marie-Hélène Dos Santos) – Woodstock Fantasy (à Larry Coryell): Thème et Western Song.

Dominique Phillot, Gitarre.

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This disc reflects my musical evolution over the past few years. In 2010, I changed my life, putting an end to a 35-year teaching career in order to devote myself to the preparation of my concerts and to composition. I initially wrote a first etude, Salamanca, having moved to that region of Spain, and began the suite Micro-Climats.

From 2011 to 2013, whilst living in La Mancha, I composed three more etudes: Bénarès, Verkohiansk and Brasilia. Habana was written in Cuba during a brief stay on the island where I was giving a concert.

Although Micro-Climats was influenced by the Second Viennese School, the etudes are pieces of a guitar nature. This music is imbued with the memory of Villa-Lobos, Brouwer and Piazzolla. As for Bénarès, it is based on an Indian mode.

D’Un Monde à l’Autre is a work written in memory of my father, the organist and composer Georges Phillot. In it are found writing methods of which Olivier Messiaen was fond. I wrote this piece whilst living in Perpignan.

The Webern Variations are based on a theme by the Austrian composer, and the inspi- ration is essentially serial.

Carillon Provençal is a spectral score in homage to those composers of the late 20th century who were, for example, Murail or Radulescu. The piece was also written in France.

Woodstock Fantasy refers to the famous 1969 rock festival, a great moment in the music of the 20th century. The piece is dedicated to jazz guitarist Larry Coryell who exerted a great influence on me in the ‘70s. The final part, Western Song, is a veiled reference to the vast open spaces of North America of which I am particularly fond. The work was recently composed in Valencia.

Dominique Phillot
Translated by John Tyler Tuttle

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