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Résonances: Narcis Bonet – Federico Mompou

Federico MOMPOU: Cançó i Dansa No. 6 – Cançó i Dansa No. 1 – Prélude No. 7 – Altitud – Narcis BONET: Nocturne No. 2 – Federico MOMPOU: Jeunes filles au jardin – Prélude No. 5 – Prélude No. 6 – Prélude No. 10 – Narcis BONET: Sonatine de Fontainebleau: I. Allegro – Sonatine de Fontainebleau: II. Adagio – Sonatine de Fontainebleau: III. Allegro – Nocturne No. 3 – Nocturne No. 1 – Nocturne No. 5 – Danses Llunyanes: De muntanya – Danses Llunyanes: De tardor – Danses Llunyanes: De flabiol – Danses Llunyanes: De moreria – Nocturne No. 4 – Federico MOMPOU: Elegia.

Ester Pineda, Piano – Ariane Granjon, Violin.


RESONANCES… Narcís BONET and Frederic MOMPOU Mirroring the Catalan Soul

The Catalan identity certainly is the most obvious link between the various musical pieces gathered on this album: through language and culture, of course, but also through its nature, landscape, light, atmosphere, the songs and dances of its people. Both Frederic Mompou (1893-1987) and Narcís Bonet (1933-2019) were born in Barcelona and never ceased to sing their visceral attachment to Catalonia and their deep love for their homeland. Although separated by more than a generation, the two men shared a long and faithful friendship while in Barcelona and Paris, the French capital having undoubtedly played a catalytic role in the evolution of their musical language. As a teenager, when she was still a piano student at the Conservatori Superior of Barcelona, Ester Pineda played for Mompou, who listened to her with great interest. This is yet another trace of the encounters that bestow a united tone upon this album; indeed, Pineda has often been asked to perform this composer in concerts, particularly in Paris to commemorate the centenary of his birth. (She has recorded a CD entirely dedicated to him on the Vde-Gallo label). She also knew Narcís Bonet very well, sharing with him both friendly and artistic affinities.

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