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Tonin HARAPI: Romance – Albert PAPARISTO: Humoreska – Aleksander PECI: Valsi i drondafilleve – Valle Brilante çame – Kozma LARA: Balladë No. 2 – Cesk ZADEJA: Temë e variacione – Albert PAPARISTO: Kang’ e lashtë – Tonin HARAPI: Temë e variacione “Delja Rude” – Feim IBRAHIMI: Toccata – Limoz DIZDARI: Trio No. 1 Këngët e tokës: Andante – Scherzo-Allegro*

Eni Dibra Hoffmann, Piano
*Eni Dibra Hoffmann, Piano – Eriona Jaho, Violin – Marsela Bineri, Cello.

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This album is a collection of works from Albanian composers whose names are virtually unknown here in Western Europe. Sonorous Romanticism of Albania is the title of the album. ‘Romanticism’, although most of the composers wrote their work in the second half of the 20th Century. Tonin Harapi (*1926) studied in Moscow and was then a composition professor at the National Conservatory in Tirana, Albania. Albert Paparisto (*1925), founder and first director of the National Conservatory, was a renowned musicologist. He also studied in Moscow and was a leading figure of the Albanian musical scene until his death in 2014. Aleksander Peçi, born in 1951, is the youngest composer in the compendium. He studied in Tirana and has been an independent composer since 1986. He teaches at the University of Arts in Tirana. Another composer, Kozma Lara (*1930) who studied in Moscow and Tirana, distinguishes himself from the others through the sheer number of works produced. Çesk Zadeja (*1927) who also studied in Moscow, is considered to be the father of Albanian music. Feim Ibrahimi (*1935) is the first major composer to have exclusively studied in Albania. He became the director of the Tirana Opera and Ballet Theatre and taught musical theory at the National Conservatory. Finally, Limoz Dizdari, born in 1942 and who was awarded the title of ‘Albania Artist Emeritus’ rounds off this selection with the only piece of chamber music on the album, a trio for piano, violin and cello.

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