Alexandre ROPICQUET: Le Divertissement, Op. 9: I. Thème Allemand – II. Cavatine de Pirate – III. Valse de Beethoven – Giovanni OCIO: Bagatella for Solo Violin – Miguel Ángel SUGO: Sotiksom for Solo Violin – Eugène YSAŸE: Ballade for Solo Violin – *Alfonso MONTES: Preludio de los Adios.

Emmanuel Siffert, violon – *Rolando Garcia Gomez, guitare.


Why this recording:

When the orchestra went to lockdown in March of 2020, the idea came to me to use the cancelled rehearsal time to return to practicing the violin.
Over the past 2 decades, I used to play the violin only to assist me in studying scores.
After seven months, the result is this recording for Violin Solo. I discovered two of the pieces through the Internet.

Alexandre Ropicquet (1808-1861) was a composer and a violoniste at the Paris Opera.

Giovanni Ocio (1874 – 1942) was a composer, based in Italy.

Miguel Ángel SUGO was born in 1951 in San Juan – Argentina He studied violin, and in chamber music he perfected repertoire for string quartet, with the AMADEUS Quartet, at the “Hochshule für Musik” in Cologne, Germany. He also attended courses on “interpretation of contemporary music”, given by the members of ENSEMBLE MODERN of Germany in Buenos Aires – Argentina. Professionally he was violinist of the Symphony Orchestra, and Professor of the chairs: WORKSHOPS I and II for arrangement and composition, and as Adjunct Professor in the chairs of APPLIED ANALYSIS AND COMPOSITION I, II, III and IV, at the National University of San Juan – Argentina. In composition, he was trained with: Luis Gonzaléz Fernandez (Argentina), Gilberto Mendes (Brazil), Dieter Schnebel (Germany), and Aribert Reimann in the city of Berlin (Germany) with a grant from the GOETHE Institut. He has received awards in chamber music and composition. He has composed more than 90 works belonging to different musical genres.

SOTIKSOM is an anagram of the word MOSQUITOS (in Spanish).
The musical existence of sotiksom is because, in certain nights, inside the mind of the maker or composer, a very tight succession of “interventions” integrated by: impossible dreams, disturbing ideas, chimeras, fears, etc. that at the end are very annoying states, such as the so unpleasant buzzing of a mosquito in our ears in those sleepless nights, swoop and intrude.

Eugène Ysaÿe (1858 – 1931) was a Belgian violinist and composer.

Alfonso Montes (1955) is a composer for mainly popular music from Venezuela.

Rolando García Gómez

He was born in San Juan-Argentina in 1961, owning a particular sound on the guitar, especially in the interpretation of Cuyano Folklore.
As a composer, arranger and accompanist, he has made an important musical contribution to the number of performers in the province of San Juan, which has been reflected in the number of records recorded in Argentina and abroad.
From 2015 to date he has been the Director of the Juan Victoria Auditorium Cultural Complex.

Emmanuel Siffert

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