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Bernardo Stalman: Le Poète du Tango – Roberto Sawicki, Violine – Elisabeth Dönni Kocher, Klavier


Bernardo Stalman: Le Poète du Tango

Bernardo STALMAN: Milongon – Motivos de Zamba y Variaciones Sobre Malambo – Tuve una Vez – Tango Cortado – Martastal – Tango Sobre la Cuerda de Sol – De Mi Ciudad – Vidala India – Espartaco – Sorpresa – Tango Rubato – Con Yapa – Porque Sí – Viejas Ideas.

Roberto Sawicki, violon – Quintette de l’Orchestre de Lancy-Genève.

Bernardo STALMAN: Yuri – A l’Antica – Pituco – Mi Violin y Yo – Si Estás Pensando en Quererme – Piscuí – Violines – Facilito – Variante – Ideas – Cajetilla – Algo Íntimo – Querida Beatriz – La Casa de Los Leones – Tengo Calle – Uno Más – Vals de Patio.

Roberto Sawicki, Violine – Elisabeth Dönni Kocher, Klavier.

Bernardo Stalman

Bernardo Stalman was born in Buenos Aires in 1910 into a musical family originating from Odessa. At the beginning of the century his father David played guitar and double bass in tango ensembles. His brother Luis, pianist, played in the orchestras of Francisco Canaro and Juan d’Arienzo in the legendary cabaret Chantecler. His other brother Manuel was a double bass player in the Pedro Maffia orchestra.

An excellent violinist, Bernardo Stalman was a founding member of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional. From early on, he joined famous tango ensembles such as Francisco Canaro’s – on several tours of Europe and Cuba – Alberto Soifer, Los Violines de Oro del Tango, and other jazz ensembles for whom he wrote many arrangements. Under the name Berel Stal and his orchestra he conducted and also composed Klezmer music, recording it for the Music Hall label.

As musical director and composer for Argentinian cinema he wrote for many films, including Mercado de Abasto, Payaso, El último perro. At the same time he was composing delicate, intimate tangos for strings requiring great virtuosity, their poetic or humorous titles evoke the life and history of Buenos Aires: Pizziccato Milongueado, Compadrito Enamorado, Viejas ideas and many others.

Bernardo Stalman died on 10th November 2004 in Buenos Aires. A few months before, in June 2004, Mariano Mores, a leading figure of tango, presented him with a lifetime award from the Argentinian Society of Authors and Composers (Sadaic), adding «I’ve always been an admirer of his».

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