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Beyrouth-Express – Dida Guigan

VDE CD-1688

Beyrouth-Express – Dida Guigan

Glory – Asfour – Fi Lahzatin – La Feuille de Route – Feeling Good – The Sandglass – El Chaab – Ton Etoile – The Hill of Gold – La Mort de Nos Peurs.

Dida Guigan, Vocal & Composition
Mary Freiburghaus, Keys & Choir
Cyril Regamey, Drums & Percussion
Gabriel Vergelin Soler, Cello & Choir
Samir Nasr Eddine, Oud In Lebanon
Florian Möbes, Guitar & Oud In Switzerland
Rudi Felder, Bass & Choir In Switzerland
Jack Estephan, Bass In Lebanon

Special Guests :
Yael Miller In France
May Kassem In Lebanon
François Lindemann In Switzerland


Beyrouth-Express is a project born on stage, following the explosion of the port of Beirut which took place on August 4, 2020.

With the musician François Lindemann, I gathered on August 27, 2020 musicians of Swiss and Arab origin at the Casino de Montbenon as well as a large audience in order to mark a time of integration of the tragedy and to raise funds so that the cultural actors in Lebanon can continue to work, study and express themselves.

August 27 was a particularly moving day for me. By the generosity of the musicians and by the numerous and enthusiastic public. It made me want to extend the project beyond the evening.
I first proposed to record the titles played on the 27th in a studio in Switzerland and then to realize a residency and a tour in Lebanon in spring 2022. So that Lebanese and Swiss musicians can meet each other. And to give a new breath to the project. The residency led to a second studio session in Lebanon.

The album Beyrouth-Express, the sum of these events, is rich in encounters and emotions. I hope it will mark the beginning of a bridge of exchange and new possibilities between borders.

Dida Guigan

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