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As the Wind Blew – Linea Curva Ensemble

VDE CD-1692

As the Wind Blew – Linea Curva Ensemble

Traditional: Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair (Arr. by Carle Ducasse) – Marc-Antoine CHARPENTIER: Sans frayeur (Arr. by Carle Ducasse) – Carle DUCASSE: Il est quelqu’un sur terre, after Benjamin Britten – Traditional: O Can Ye Sew Cushions? (Arr. by Carle Ducasse) – Voilà le printemps (Arr. by Carle Ducasse) – Tarquinio MERULA: Canzonetta spirituale sopra alla nanna (Arr. by Carle Ducasse) – Traditional: Lo fiolaire (Arr. by Carle Ducasse) – Luis de MILAN: Sospirastes, Baldovinos (Arr. by Carle Ducasse) – Simon DIAZ: Tonada de luna llena (Arr. by Carle Ducasse) – Henry PURCELL: An Evening Hymn on a Ground (Arr. by Carle Ducasse)

Linea Curva Ensemble:
Silvia Adami: voice
Carle Ducasse: guitar, arrangements
Tomás Fernández Child: double bass, viola da gamba
Julio D’Santiago: drums, percussion

Special guests :
Natacha Cabezas: archluth (6)
Manuel Alejandro Rangel: maracas (2, 5, 7, 8, 9)

Linea Curva invites you on a musical journey through folk songs, baroque and jazz music.
Join us on the curves of these melodic roads and enjoy these unique renditions of famous tunes across different eras and styles.


The Linea Curva Ensemble was born out of the desire of musicians from different backgrounds to find a common ground on which to play. The repertoire includes early music and traditional songs.

Linea curva seeks to rediscover the obviousness of these melodies in the apparent simplicity of popular music. In the same way, the musicians build bridges between the different works by relying on improvisation, inseparable from the realization of the obstinate basses of early music, and the work of the jazz musician.

At the crossroads of baroque and jazz, Linea curva exploits the audacity and modernity of this music to offer a personal and contemporary perspective.

Founding members of the ensemble, Silvia Adami and Carle Ducasse invite percussionist Julio D’Santiago to join them, as well as Adrien Gaubert, who will later make way for Tomás Fernández Child on double bass.

From Fontei’s poetic quirks to Neapolitan songs, from Purcell hymns to Irish plainsong, the journey is original and unexpected.

CHF 19.50

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