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Gestalt Music Inspirations – Patrick Mamie

VDE CD-1702

Patrick MAMIE: Gestalt Music Inspirations.

Prélude – Self – Ajustement créateur – Cycle de contact – Now and How, and Next… – Confluence – Introjection – Projection – Déflexion – Rétroflexion – Awareness – Saine agressivité – Solitude – Responsabilité – Quête de sens – Finitude – Polarités – Postlude.

Patrick Mamie, Composition, Accordion, Keyboards.
Philippe Ehinger, Clarinet.
Daniel Perrin, Rhodes, Piano.

The 18 pieces presented here do not claim to illustrate Gestalt: they stem from impressions, sensory, energetic, emotional and imaginary impacts that have nourished the personal and relational experiences of my practice in the fields of therapy, training and supervision.

The definitions that follow are intended to help listeners unfamiliar with Gestalt to grasp the multiple sound environments on offer and relate them to the concepts visited.

These brief summaries are taken from publications by a number of renowned authors, as well as from oral exchanges I’ve had the privilege of having with several of them during my training courses. For ease of reading, they are hereafter referred to by their initials.

Serge Ginger (SG) : La Gestalt, une thérapie du contact ; Chantal Masquelier-Savatier (CMS) : Comprendre et pratiquer la Gestalt-thérapie ; Noël K. Salathé (NKS) : Psychothérapie existentielle, une perspective gestaltiste ; Jean-Marie Robine (JMR) : Gestalt-thérapie, la construction du soi ; Gilles Delisle (GD) : Personality disorders, a gestalt perspective.

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