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GALLO CD-1600-1601

Hyakunin Isshu, 100 Poems by 100 Poets, 100 Tanka Songs – Trio Toucher

Heian period (8th-12th centuries).
Heian, “capital of peace”, the current Kyoto.

Men and women composed poems (tankas); it was then an ordinary means of communication.

100 poems from this period were compiled in the 13th century, at the request of a senior civil servant who wanted to decorate the walls of his secondary villa with them, an incomparable testimony to the refinement and unique and now outdated development of the arts and literature. This anthology took the name of Hyakunin Isshu (from a hundred poets one poem), since then known, learned and cherished by all islanders since childhood.

The poetic translation proposed here in French, accompanying the release of this album, has been chosen to make a journey, to bring back to the light of our European culture as accurately as possible the culture of the Heian era which, except for the initiated, would remain obscure. The importance of symbolism, for example, could feed into puns of words or double-agreements; they are, with language, landmarks that today would escape the reader; we have relayed it more generally through metaphorics, and tried to take at the root the feelings and concerns of these men and women, circumscribed in their time and country, in the hope of keeping them just as striking.

We also wanted to revive the idea of music that is both academic and popular, and that can be hummed by everyone. Like the Japanese children reciting these poems.

To touch the music as we would touch the bark of a tree by entering a wonderful fact into a painted landscape. And that in return the music touches, noble return of the become (again) eloquent tree.

Trio Toucher : Hiromi, Voice – Reiri Taniguchi-Letourmy, Piano – Rémy Souvay, Guitar.
Musical Composition : Rémy SouvayReiri Taniguchi-Letourmy, (No. 97, 98) – French Traditional, (No. 52,57,84,86).
French Translation of Hyakunin Isshu : Rémy Souvay.


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