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CPO Promotion Chanson (Live) – Claude Zaretti – Basilic – Pascal Rinaldi – Christine Weber – Jean-Luc Haemmerli – Deborah Marcinhes – Alex Périence


CPO Promotion Chanson: Claude ZARETTI: Civilisation – Addis Abeba – Rio – BASILIC: Rock à deux sous – Voyage de vinyle – Pascal RINALDI: L’abracadabraqueuse – Christine WEBER: Les bateaux – Le p’tit gosse – Jean-Luc HAEMMERLI: Un contournement – Deborah MARCINHES: En chemin – Alex PÉRIENCE: Bal du samedi soir


One word is often enough to summarize a most exciting collective adventure. During the 2 evenings which allowed the realization of this “CPO Promotion Chansons Year II” the word climate often came to my mind.

The first side is resolutely sunny, from Zaretti to Rinaldi, passing by the group Basilic, the words have their importance to define these characters sometimes very different. As for the music, it is always influenced by the harmonic magic of distant countries. But what does this influence matter because it is synonymous of a unanimous tenderness. Like me, you will take a liking to this first climate and you will not be able to prevent yourself from turning the disc to discover the resolutely current and particular aspect of side 2.

To better situate the atmosphere, let’s say that Alex Périence of the first listening Christine Weber will never go to the Saturday night dances. Her world is made of sonorous laces where her singing confirms the inspiration of her accomplices.

Hidden between two clouds, Haemmerli’s sun still touches our sensibility, for he is of the rare race of awakened romantics. As for Déborah, she has already gone beyond the boundaries of this romanticism to reach the pleasures of countries full of springtime vocals.

For the end of this record, I leave you the surprise, because it is between the joy of having a black eye and the satisfaction of sliding on a banana peel. Pic and Punk and Colegramme; hi Alex!

Talal Droubi

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