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Matias Huart: September


Matias Huart: September

Fanchette – Le Rideau – Promenade – La maison vide – Océan – Dessin – Aventures – Double – Midi – Gulliver – September – Profil – Au bord – Bleu vert – Equilibre

Matias Huart

Matias HUART

Grew up in South Africa, Peru, Greece. Worked in Paris as a cartoonist. Began to paint and compose. Expositions in Paris, Zurich, New York, Germany, Switzerland. Concerts of electronic music in Basel, Amsterdam… (Foundation Gaudeamus: Winner of Prix des Radios Hollandaises). European tour with John Cage. Performance with Laurie Anderson. Other concerts in Zurich, Bonn, Paris (Pompidou Center), Festival of Berlin. Produced films for television. Participated in the making of many records with electronic instruments. Performing open air concerts.


For this recording, I have changed from electronic instruments to another dream mixed with remembrances of infancy to invent a folklore which is outside of time. I have chosen to play instruments with which I am not familiar (dulcimer, guitar, flutes, tabla, rhythmic instruments) in order to develop my own personal technique.


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