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SOMMER – JANACEK – DVORAK: String Quartet – Quatuor Lontano


Vladimir SOMMER: String Quartet No. 1 in D Minor: I. Allegro moderato, melancolico – II. Adagio ma non troppo – III. Vivace – Leoš JÁNAČEK: String Quartet No. 1 “Kreutzer Sonata”: I. Adagio – Con moto – II. Con Moto – Vivo – Andante – III. Con moto – IV. Con moto (Adagio) – Più mosso – Antonín DVOŘÁK: String Quartet No. 12 in F Major, Op. 96, B. 179 “American”: I. Allegro ma non troppo – II. Lento – III. Molto vivace – IV. Finale – Vivace ma non troppo.

Lontano Quartet: Pauline Klaus, Violin – Florent Billy, Violin – Loïc Abdelfettah, Viola – Camille Renault, Cello.

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Lontano Quartet

Formed in 2015 by two friends in the corridors of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Paris – then called «Koltès» at first – the Lontano Quartet has since forged strong ties, united in its particular attraction to the turmoils and clashes of the 20 th century.

The programme of this album recorded in the gorgeous church Notre Dame de Toute Grâce at Assy, shows its preference for the modern music repertoire – built around the figure of the romantic composer Antonin Dvořák.

Eager for disc overies, the Quartet still trains with musicians like Raphaël Merlin (Quatuor Ebène) or Jeanne-Marie Conquer (Ensemble Intercontemporain): to its pleasure of interpreting an infinite repertoire, rich with sometimes little known masterpieces, the quartet also nourishes a deep interest for creating contemporary music works, rehearsing along composers, and conceiving original projects.

These collaborations actually bring them to share the stage with such partners as the clarinettist Michel Portal, the saxophonist Vincent Lê Quang, the pianist Sébastien Vichard, the cellist Dominique de Williencourt , the violinist Alexis Galpérine, the mezzo-soprano Amaya Dominguez.

The Lontano Quartet has been in regular residency at the Plateau d’Assy (Haute-Savoie) where it performs each summer as part of the Musicales d’Assy Festival.



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